eStatement Disclosure

Email Statement Disclosure and Electronic Consent Agreement

As permitted by law, you hereby authorize Northern Colorado Credit Union to electronically provide your Statement of Account.

The electronic transmission of such statements may be conducted in a variety of means such as (a) your active retrieval via the internet by any internet access means from a specific internet location (identified by the Credit Union in an e-mail message sent to you by the Credit Union); and/or (b) any other means of electronically providing such documentation.

After electing to have your statement sent to you electronically, you may still obtain a paper copy of your statement(s) by contacting Northern Colorado Credit Union through the following methods (see the current fee schedule for any applicable fees):

In writing:

Northern Colorado Credit Union
2901 27th Avenue
Greeley, CO 80631

By e-mail: here

Discontinuation of Email Statements

(Return to paper statements by mail)

You may withdraw your request to have your Statement of Account sent to you electronically by contacting the credit union either in writing or by email. You may also cancel this service yourself from within Northern Colorado Credit Union by selecting the “e-Statements” link under the “History” menu. Northern Colorado Credit Union does not assess any fees or charges to institute or cancel this service.

When Your Personal Information Changes

You agree to provide the credit union updated contact information immediately in the event your email address (or any other contact means you have provided the credit union) becomes unusable or inaccurate for any reason. You may update this information by clicking the “e-Statements” option under the “History” menu and entering your new e-mail address. You may also inform us in person at any branch location.

Requirements to Receive an Email Statement

A description of the current means used to provide electronic documentation along with current hardware and software requirements to receive such documentation is available. You will be provided updated information in advance should the credit union change these methods and/or hardware/software requirements.

Minimum System Requirements

A personal computer with an internet connection and Acrobat Reader version 4.05 or greater. Web browser recommendations: Internet Explorer 6.0 Serv Pack 2 and higher and Mozilla Firefox 2.0 and higher. For security reasons, e-Statements can only be accessed using a web browser that supports 128-bit encryption. If you use Microsoft Internet Explorer for your browser, you may need the following setting enabled to view your statement: In the browser, go into  “Tools” from the menu bar, choose “Internet Options,” choose “Advanced,” scroll down to “Security,” place a check mark in the box “Do not save encrypted files to disk,” and choose “Apply.”

Additional Electronic Submissions

By accepting e-statements, you also agree to receive periodic electronic messages from the credit union pertaining to Northern Colorado Credit Union announcements, disclosures, updates, etc. You will be provided with an opt-out option should you wish to discontinue receiving the periodic messages. You also agree that you may be notified electronically if you send Northern Colorado Credit Union an email, fill out an application online or fill out our feedback questionnaire online.

Security Notice for Internet Transactions

Many electronic communications sent and received over the internet can and are intercepted by unauthorized recipients beyond the credit union’s control. By authorizing the electronic delivery of your Statement of Account, you understand and agree that, to the extent permitted by law, the credit union cannot and will not be liable for any damages caused by the unauthorized electronic communications sent to you or received from you where such unauthorized receipt is beyond the credit union’s control.