Open Letter to Members



March 19, 2020

It is in the interest of safety that NCCU has decided to close our lobby traffic. In our opinion, risking the health or life of even one employee or Member is not worth the risk. If you really think about it, the minimal inconvenience to our Members may save a life. To NCCU, that life is worth it!

While our lobbies remain closed, we encourage Members to reach out to us regarding your financial needs. We have real people that will answer the phone and talk with you! People that care about you. No phone trees! Credit Unions are cooperatives formed under the motto of “People helping People.” Perhaps there has never been a time when this motto needs to take the form of action more than now.

NCCU is a financially strong organization with a very sound safety net of net worth as required by regulators. If ever there has been a time to use some of our safety net to assist Members, now is certainly that time.

If you are an NCCU Member experiencing a financial challenge due to the COVID-19 pandemic, please do not hesitate to look to us for a solution. We will do what we can to assist you. Call us at 970-330-3900 to discuss your situation.

Our Drive Thru in Greeley will remain open and can handle your transactions and service requests. Be sure to use our digital channels via online banking and/or mobile phone application. These channels can handle a majority of all transactions. The Berthoud lobby is closed but the onsite ATM is available for your cash needs. If you are unable to fulfill a service request or transaction using our digital channels, please call us at 970-330-3900.